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the Dawn of Fear: How to Solve Chess Piece Puzzle

2020-02-17 10:00:34

In this new opportunity we will have a the Dawn of Fear guide with which we will have the solution to how to solve the chess pieces puzzle.

  In the Dawn of Fear we find with the PS4 certain features such as the fixed camera that brings memorable memories of the Resident Evil, Eternal Darkness and Silent Hill, even more to meet this recent exclusivity of this console, here we will find situations of high difficulty , this guide is made with the purpose of finding a solution to one of these problems, being the same as how to solve the puzzle of chess pieces, for this we have to follow the indications of this content.

What is the puzzle of chess pieces in the Dawn of Fear?

This fact will be presented to us at the beginning of the game practically, an early challenge even before we have any confrontation with bosses, in the main hall we will find a chess board, this is missing something indicated by the game, it is about 2 king pieces to look for in order for this board to be completed, the most precise answers as to how to solve the chess pieces puzzle will come from here on, let's pay attention to it.

How to solve the chess pieces puzzle in the Dawn of Fear?

At the dining table we will find the first golden king shining, which will be very easy for Alex to pick up, in the case of the second king, this will be a greater challenge, clashes with the undead, apart from the difficulty of the Fixed camera, the first thing to do is that we access several doors to reach one that will take us to a studio, this has a purple badge on the door, which will be easily noticed.

A room full of blood we will find at the end of the hall, here is a zombie that will rise when we enter, then we will hear a rumble coming from the main hall, which will cause us to return to the main door, seeing that Ethan is dead, being a creepy scene full of terror, we grab the dead man's weapon and return to the room where the zombie is, with three shots will be enough, after this we will review the table where we will find the silver king.

We will return to where we find the chess board, in our inventory we will click on the 2 pieces that we find, once these pieces are placed on the board, another complication related to the chess game comes, those that we know of the game will not be greater thing but what we have never experienced can have problems, this puzzle from now on has the purpose of giving checkmate to the golden side of the board, for this we move the horse's head, 2 squares in the direction of the back wall and square to the right, being exactly in front of a golden pawn, once we do this it is in checkmate, thus seeing a scene opening in the library a secret passage, we will enter and continue advancing in the game.

We can conclude that with these indications knowing how to solve the chess pieces puzzle is simpler, which will allow us to continue in the Dawn of Fear.

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