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2022-02-04 08:22:11

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Today, we bring a The Cycle Frontier guide in order to tell you how to sign up for the beta version.

What does it mean to register for the beta version at The Cycle Frontier?

Having the opportunity to have some knowledge about what this game could be that is related to aliens and that is usually a world where shooting seems to be the order of the day, in this sense, it is favorable to be part of the beta of a game where it is necessary to deal with both other players and hostile aliens, this while we are gathering resources to complete missions.

How to register for the beta version in The Cycle Frontier?

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  • It is good to keep in mind that `to register, it is only necessary to take care of accessing the Epic Games page or Steam.
  • Signing up means getting a chance to play a bit before the game is released.
  • This is a game that has the quality of getting involved in the theme of completing missions while observing hostile alien life.
  • It should be noted that anything we have brought with us will remain on the planet in case of death.
  • The beta version usually starts on March 10, 2022 and is scheduled to last until March 28, 2022

That's all you need to know about signing up for the beta, so there's nothing complex about it, just be prepared to do some fighting in The Cycle Frontier.

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