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Gaming at no cost to yourself in the relaxed setting of your own home may seem a bit like an unrealistic fantasy.  Well! Think again! This is very real.  Online sweepstakes casinos have considerably changed the way we view and experience gaming.  Accessibility and technological advances have incorporated a whole host of new tech savvy users.

Come and join us as we explore how the digital revolution has brought online sweepstakes gambling home to the player. 

The Rise of Sweepstakes in the Casino

Gambling has been a pleasurable sport enjoyed by countless people all over the world.  Gambling houses constructed across the globe provide a variety of games.  Online casinos are a similar digital version of the land-based sibling.  Game offering is duplicate one as the other.  Both establishments follow stringent legislation and regulations and is therefore also not available in certain countries and states. 

Online sweepstakes casinos recently came into being.  It is a somewhat more legally friendly alternative to the standard way of gambling.  It provides a risk-free solution to gaming, as users game with a virtual currency system.  Real cash or other prizes are on offer.  Game offering is a lot more varied as in your traditional setting.  The use of technology allows for variations on your standard games such as slots and the like. 

 Technology at the Core

The whole basis of this new gaming model is the technological footprint.  Everything is online. Functionality has been adapted to accommodate multi-platform gaming.  Users can game between various devices without any system errors or changes.  Profiles stay consistent across. 


Blockchain technology allows users to use algorithms to verify the validity of a deal.  Whilst RNG (Random Number Generating) technology is used for the different games.  Third party auditing is also done by system software.  This software detects any anomalies on the entire system which can then be fixed timeously. 

Technology incorporation in games also provide a measure of fun.  Themed slots and 3D slots offer more interactivity with a consistent theme throughout.  The whole game landscape is based on that one individual theme. 

Navigating the Legal Landscape

From a legal standpoint, these gaming sites are a lot less lenient with regards to legislative and regulatory requirements.  In a lot of countries, standard and online gaming is completely prohibited. 

 This model is based on a free play system, basically like your sweepstakes games.  A gamer registers on the site and is issued a set of virtual currency (gold coins and sweeps coins). This currency allows a user to play, with the sweeps coins open for use in games where one can win actual cash or other prizes. No currency is involved, thus there is no negative consequence to the user. 

The US gaming landscape is widely different than other countries.  Each individual state has its own set of laws.  These sites must comply both on a national and federal level with regards to legislation.  Sweepstakes casinos are allowed in most states, except Washington.  There are, however, certain specific regulations regarding age limitations as well as game offering.  This is communicated on each site and with each unique game. 


User Experience and Interface

Sweepstakes online casinos provide a unique gaming experience.  With the incorporation of multi-platform functionality, players can make use of any mobile device to game without compromising overall quality.  Accessibility has improved overall, and play is conducted anywhere at any time, internet connectivity permit. 

Site platforms are more user friendly.  Data collected throughout provide a clear picture of use on the site.  This information is collaborated to allow the system to personalise the whole gaming experience for a player.  Each individual profile is customized according to user preference.  For example, if you are a card player by heart, the system will adapt your profile to display those sections first.


The use of Virtual Technology (VR) and Augmented Reality (VR) lends a unique hand to the system.  The overall experience is more realistic, and the setting incorporates into the user’s current space, really bringing the overall casino experience home. 

As stated above, these systems detect user activity and can determine a level of responsibility from the player’s side. 

Responsible Gaming Practices

As mentioned above, these systems do detect how a user interacts on the site.  It can determine the frequency of play, betting amounts, etc, as well as which games are preference above the other.  Notification systems can be set up on these platforms to inform a user when gaming is coming to a critical level.

Certain functions allow a user to access a level of help.  Live chat options and standard information dictating certain organizations that can be contacted are available throughout the site.  Being able to select a time out or self-exclusion is a handy system tool.  Gamers can select how long these should be implemented.  It can be reselected upon expiration and the durations vary between a few days to a month or longer. 

All of these align with the global drive to promote responsible gaming. Good habits of a responsible gamer can be aligned to:

  •  Proper Game Time Management – Schedule and plan your time and stick to it!
  •  Bankroll Management – Decide how you are going to spread your bets, the amount thereof and frequency.   


Gambling has had a lot of stigmas connected to it.  A lot of people experienced it in a negative way.  You spent hours in a building and lost a lot of money.  With the focus on creating sound gaming habits, this can change.  The developers of these platforms really try and enhance this public image.  This area allows users to ‘play around’ on a system.  Learn the basis behind each game and create a healthy love for the sport. 

Accessibility has also allowed a wider audience, both from a legal standpoint as well as on a physical level.  There is no more commute to a gaming house, but the experience is matched.  It is advisable for everyone to give these sites a try. 

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