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2024-06-21 01:41:08

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Today we bring you an explanatory guide with everything you need to know about How to Fix Tarisland stuck on loading screen?

Tarisland is, without a doubt, a quite attractive and exciting game that presents you with incredible worlds where fans can exploit all their abilities to continue advancing in the story. However, not everything is so perfect, as many players have encountered different problems, especially getting stuck on the loading screen.

Once you start playing, you will notice that Tarisland gets stuck opening the loading screen, with a message saying “connect to online services” on PC, which ends up completely frustrating players. That is why we bring you an explanatory guide on how you can solve this problem, so that you can enjoy the game again without problems or delays, so keep reading and join us.

How to Fix Tarisland stuck on loading screen?

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Understanding the Cause

The inability of Tarisland to progress beyond the loading screen can stem from various factors, including:

  • Server Issues: The game's servers might be experiencing high traffic or undergoing maintenance.
  • Network Connectivity: An unstable or slow internet connection can hinder communication with the game servers.
  • Security Software Interference: Firewall or antivirus programs might inadvertently block Tarisland's online functionality.
  • Outdated Game Files: Corrupted or missing game files can disrupt the loading process.
  • Software Conflicts: Other applications running on your system might be conflicting with Tarisland. 

Troubleshooting Steps

  • 1. Verify Server Status: It's crucial to confirm whether the issue lies with Tarisland's servers. Consult the game's official website or social media channels for any maintenance announcements or server status updates.
  • 2. Optimize Network Connection: Ensure a stable internet connection by restarting your router. Power cycle your router by unplugging it for 30 seconds, then plugging it back in and allowing it to fully reboot.
  • 3. Update Software: Maintain optimal performance by keeping both Tarisland and your system drivers up-to-date. Install any available updates for Tarisland and update your graphics card drivers from the manufacturer's website (NVIDIA or AMD).
  • 4. Adjust Firewall/Antivirus Settings: Security software might be misinterpreting Tarisland's online activity as a threat. Try adding Tarisland to the list of allowed applications within your firewall and antivirus settings. As a last resort, temporarily disable these programs to see if it resolves the issue. Remember to re-enable them afterward for continued security.
  • 5. Close Background Applications: Unnecessary background applications can consume resources and potentially interfere with Tarisland. Close any programs you're not actively using before launching the game.
  • 6. Verify Game File Integrity: Some game launchers offer a feature to verify or repair game files. Utilize this function if available, as it can identify and rectify corrupted files causing loading issues.
  • 7. Reinstall Tarisland (Last Resort): If all else fails, consider reinstalling Tarisland. This ensures a clean and complete game installation, potentially resolving any underlying file corruption.

Additional Considerations

  • System Requirements: Double-check if your system meets the minimum requirements to run Tarisland smoothly.
  • Community Resources: Consult Tarisland's online forums or communities for troubleshooting discussions and potential solutions shared by other players.

In conclusion, we hope that this guide on How to Fix Tarisland stuck on loading screen? It will help you and you can solve this annoying problem that does not allow you to enjoy the experiences that the game has for you. You will only need to be vigilant while following the instructions provided.

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