Angel Marquez
2021-07-27 19:06:10

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Today we bring you a guide to Sword of Legends Online where we will explain how to summon companions partners.

What to know about Sword of Legends Online?


As we progress the game will increase its level of difficulty, more if we are newbies in this genre like MMORPGs, you have to face bosses that prove to be a challenge, go through dungeons and much more to consider, now there is the possibility of summoning companions, and it is something that will be explained in the following content, let's see.


How to summon companions in Sword of Legends Online?


What we will do is to unlock them first, taking into account that we will only have 3 available, these have different characteristics being these:

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  • Yilang: it is required to complete the mission battle in the royal court IV.
  • Li Lingshuang: we have to reach level 30 and complete the Zhongnan Hill mission.
  • Wu Mang: we have to complete the mission of Jiangdu: Shanghuai Grassland.


Now that we have unlocked the companions it is worth noting that it must be added to the team list, which is possible by pressing on the summon button and then add it with the combat companion option, we confirm it by choosing it from the list, then we use the start attack option and ready, we can have summoned our companion, apart from that we can also choose a role for this companion, among which are DPS, Tank and Healer.

Finally, now that we know how to summon companions we can move on in Sword of Legends Online.