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Discover winning strategies and tips on how to win the Mushroom Derby in Super Mario RPG on our website. 

Welcome to our friendly guide on how to win the Mushroom Derby in Super Mario RPG! In this popular game, players must collect Cookies for Boshi, the current champion of the Yoshi Race. With a few tips and tricks, you'll be on your way to victory in no time!

The Mushroom Derby is a thrilling event in Super Mario RPG where players can participate in a race with their Yoshi companion. The objective is to collect as many Cookies as possible, wager them in a race against Boshi, and cross the finish line first. It's a challenging and exciting mini-game that offers great rewards for skilled players.

How to Win the Mushroom Derby in Super Mario RPG

 Collecting Cookies

To start the race, hop on a green Yoshi and explore the race area. You will find various Yoshis scattered around, each offering a different number of Cookies. Approach them and interact to receive the Cookies they have to offer. Keep in mind that the more Cookies you gather, the better your chances of winning the race.

Pay special attention to the red Yoshis during your search. These red Yoshis tend to give out the most Cookies and can significantly boost your chances of winning the race. Explore the race area thoroughly and try to collect as many Cookies as possible before challenging Boshi.

 Racing with Boshi

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Once you have collected enough Cookies, it's time to challenge Boshi, the reigning champion, to a race. Approach Boshi and interact with him to initiate the race. Be prepared for a fast-paced and rhythm-based challenge.

During the race, you will need to listen for a cymbal sound, which indicates the button you need to press. The timing is crucial, so stay focused and maintain rhythm to gain an advantage over your opponents. Be quick to respond to the cues and make precise button presses to excel in the race.

Ignoring Cookies during the Race

While collecting Cookies is essential before the race, it's best to ignore gathering any additional Cookies during the race itself. Although it may be tempting to grab those Cookies along the track, your focus should be on timing your button presses and maintaining a steady pace.

By ignoring the Cookies during the race, you eliminate distractions and increase your chances of crossing the finish line first. Remember, the ultimate goal is to win the race, not just collect Cookies along the way.

 Yoshi Race Rewards

The rewards for winning the Yoshi Race are Yoshi Cookies. The number of Cookies awarded depends on the amount wagered before the race. If you are feeling confident, it's worth taking risks and betting higher amounts of Cookies to potentially earn more significant rewards.

These Yoshi Cookies have various uses in the game. For instance, feeding 21 Yoshi Cookies to a nearby Yoshi will unlock special rewards at a nearby shop. Some of these rewards include Frog Coins, a valuable currency used for purchasing powerful items and equipment.

Additionally, you can also obtain Red Essence, Yoshi-Ade, Energizer, and Bracer items by exchanging Yoshi Cookies. Red Essence is a handy healing item, while Yoshi-Ade, Energizer, and Bracer provide different power-ups and enhancements to your characters. Furthermore, every 50 Yoshi Cookies given after reaching a total of 30 will grant you additional Frog Coins.

Fat Yoshi Rewards

In addition to the rewards obtained through exchanging Yoshi Cookies, you can also unlock special rewards by feeding Yoshi Cookies to a nearby Fat Yoshi. Once you have reached the milestone of feeding 21 Yoshi Cookies to the Fat Yoshi, head to a nearby shop to claim your rewards.

The rewards for feeding 21 Yoshi Cookies include Frog Coins, which can be used to purchase various items and equipment. These Frog Coins are a valuable currency in the game and can greatly enhance your gameplay experience.

By following these friendly guidelines, you'll be well-equipped with strategies to conquer the Mushroom Derby in Super Mario RPG. Remember to collect plenty of Cookies, focus on timing during the race, and aim for those enticing rewards.

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