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For today, we bring you an interesting guide where we explain all paths and endings of Chapter 1 of Sucker for Love Date to Die For.

What to know about All the Roads and Endings of Chapter 1 of Sucker for Love Date to Die For?

This game is undoubtedly great for many reasons, but one of the best is that it has multiple endings. Chapter 1 has three complementary parts, to unlock additional chapters and endings, we must obtain each chapter and ending. Although the path is largely linear, there are some points where we can choose a different path.

What are All Paths and Endings in Sucker for Love Date to Die For Chapter 1?

Bad ending

  • Craft: Start a new game or load a save from scratch.
  • I'm Home: Meeting Nanny on the road, Stardust runs into her childhood home and closes the door.
  • Met Rok'zan: We go up to our old room and perform the ritual "Summoning the Almighty Mother" to meet the Black Wild Goat.
  • Created by a Partner: We perform the Rebirth Partner ritual to keep Roxan in our room forever. This doesn't change anything in the game, since we can't interact with her.
  • Party: we will have to gather the ingredients for an epicurean banquet ritual and take them upstairs to perform them. We got interesting green meats at the canteen. We take out the strawberry milk from the kitchen refrigerator. We took the bloody bowl out of the dining room.
  • I took the babysitter upstairs: we'll take our bass and go to the kitchen. When we try to leave, we will be attacked. We point our bass like Haruhara Haruko from FLCL towards the cultist's face to defeat him.
  • I healed him: After taking Nanni upstairs and trying to come up with a plan of attack with Rok'zan, it's time to recover. There is no need to worry because we will have to perform this ritual frequently, since it is only used in certain parts. The mirror we need to look in is to the right of the tree, on the wall between it and Nanni. It may take us a few minutes wandering around and trying to perform this ritual to realize where it was.
  • Open Door: Before we can perform another ritual, Buck will interrupt us and give us a choice. Here we will find the first ending, we open the door to get the bad ending.

Happy ending

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The happy ending is a tree branch because Buck doesn't answer the door.

Perform the Rot Bloom ritual: To perform the Rot Bloom ritual, it is necessary to follow several steps in the following order:

  • Go to the bathroom and take the bark of the tree that grew in the bathtub.
  • Then, go to the cafeteria and eat some light green meat.
  • It is necessary to eat the flower in our brother's bedroom at the end of the second floor hallway. No need to worry about the cultists there, as they will be too distracted by the signs to notice our presence.
  •   While we gather the ingredients, the cultists will break into the house. We open the door slowly to detect them and avoid being caught. If we see one, we close the door and try another.
  • Thanks to the layout of the house, there are many possibilities for circulation through the occupied spaces. On the way to the dining room/kitchen there will be a pantry with boxes. We walked in to enjoy a humorous tribute and the Iron Cog achievement.

Perform the ritual "Summoning the Firstborn": we sing the first verse and leave the room. We will go to the Heart of the Forest in the basement and wait for the candles to go out, there is no need to worry about the sound, nothing can touch us here. We return to the room and take the blood bag. We sing the next verse from the book three times.
Perform a ritual to eliminate: heartburn: We will go to the bathroom on the second floor and find some hairspray, then we will go to the Heart of the Forest and sing the appropriate passage.

Royal ending

  • Like the Good End, the True End is a path that splits in two so as not to open the door to Baku.
  • Perform the "Restoration of Masculinity" ritual: to enter the path to the True End, we must once again perform the Male Rejuvenation ritual. The difference is that we use it to treat Nanni. Perform the Rot Bloom ritual.
  • Follow the instructions above to complete this ritual. Perform the "Summoning the Firstborn" ritual: You need to follow the instructions above to complete this ritual.
  • Join Nanni: Once we have completed the fairy summoning ritual, we will hear footsteps approaching, here we avoid moving the bass, otherwise only Nanni will come to the rescue.
  • Perform a ritual to eliminate: heartburn: Everything will be the same as before, but now Nanni has eliminated the need to carry hairspray.
  • Escape!: Thanks to Nanni's costume we can safely escape from the burning house.

Now that you know All paths and endings of Chapter 1 of Sucker for Love Date to Die For, you can execute the one that seems most attractive to you.

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