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If you have this problem in Steam you are in the right place, because here we will tell you how to fix library black screen.

What is the black screen error in Steam about?

This is an error that users may encounter when trying to access the library and what happens is that they get stuck on a black screen.

How to fix library black screen in Steam?

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    To correct this problem you will have to go to the upper left part of the application where the name of the application is, press and then select Check for updates. If there is any client update you will have to install it, after this you can check if the problem is fixed.

    As a second option you can drag the app to another monitor, in case you use more than one, then drop it back to the monitor it was previously on, which should fix the problem.

    Another thing you can do if the above didn't work is to make sure your drivers are up to date. Check on all graphics drivers.

      That's all you need to know about how to fix library black screen in Steam, so we hope we've been very helpful so you can be back in your client library sooner than later.

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