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The action in Stardew Valley does not stop, which leads us to explain How to get fiddlehead ferns.

What to know about fiddlehead ferns in Stardew Valley?

It is something unique classified as vegetables, it is a vegetable that is complex to find that become available in a season before we meet on Ginger Island, now with the arrival of the recent update we have much new to do, among that is the handling of this element, to have a precise ideal of How to obtain fiddlehead ferns we can guide ourselves with this guide and the following details.

How to get fiddlehead ferns in Stardew Valley?

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    You have to look for them in the Secret Woods in the summer, it is necessary that we cut a fallen trunk that is in the northeast of the Cindersap forest in a corner, this is south of our farm in Stardew Valley, in case we have a normal ax we cannot do it, we have to have at least one of steel or better, when cutting said trunk it breaks into 8 pieces of wood, as for How to obtain fiddlehead ferns, it is possible to update our axes in Pelican Town through Clint.

    We will find many wooden stumps when we are in the Secret Woods, there are also slime enemies and forage items, the type of these depend on the season in Stardew Valley according to our income in this area, noting that being summer is presented in element of very common forage, as for How to get fiddlehead ferns there are a couple of places for this, they are the skull cavern that is in the Calico desert and the jungles of Ginger Island, for the first location it is possible in Prehistoric Floors, while with the Ginger island in the jungle we will be finding it as a forage element.

    Keep in mind that the utility of this in Stardew Valley allows you to pickle a jar of preserves or to become a juice in a barrel that improves its value, also as an ingredient, it is appropriate that knowing how to obtain fiddlehead ferns we know what to create and its value, such as bracken vegetable from 90g to 180g depending on quality and 99g to 198g, bracken game from 202g to 282g and pickled bracken from 230g to 322g, even creating a special dish is possible, which is known by the fiddlehead Risotto, being necessary to tune the willow queen on autumn 28 of year 2, to be aware of the recipe it requires 1x Fiddlehead Fern, 1x Garlic and 1x Oil, the result allows you to recover health by 101 and energy by 225, it can be sold for 350g.

    After we are aware of How to obtain fiddlehead ferns in Stardew Valley we have that we can use it for food, which allows us to restore health from 11 to 20 and energy from 25 to 65, it will depend on the quality we have, we can use them in the chef package on the bulletin board, being these items in the medicine package, we can give away said vegetables discarding characters like Vincent, Haley, Jas, Abigail and Sam who are not to their liking, and finally it can be used as dyeing material for green overalls.

    In conclusion, knowing how to get fiddlehead ferns is interesting, because it allows us to develop and have more fun in Stardew Valley

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