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This time we return with a Stardew Valley guide, aiming to explain where to find legendary fish.

What to know about the legendary fish in Stardew Valley?

It is a total of 5 fish, which are considered legendary because they can be caught in specific places, with difficulty and only once per saved file, the mastery of fishing is important to progress in the game, It consists of a unique mechanism, it is necessary that when catching a fish it stays within the area of ​​a green rectangle, this being the fishing line, now it is ideal to see details about where to find legendary fish and in the following text we will see it.

Where to find legendary fish in Stardew Valley?

The fish that make up this group of legendaries in the game are the fisherman, the legend, the crimson fish, the mutant carp and the glacier fish, of all only the mutant carp is not included in a specific fishing season for its capture Instead, we must search the sewers, being accessible by having donated 60 items to the Gunther museum, then there is no factor that stops us, the fisherman is the first that apparently will be within our reach, this is located north of JojaMart in the river area, the time and the weather are factors for this, only that it is the one with the lowest value, now we have the crimson fish in the east pier of Pelican Town, it is possible once we have invested 300 woods in bridge repair, summer is a capture factor, but it is the only limitation, for glacier fish we found it at the southern end of Arrowhead Island, it is a triangular island that is in the middle of the lake in the Cindersap forest , you can only fish ar during the winter and without further limitations.
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    Taking into account the fact of wanting to understand where to find legendary fish we come to the last one, the legend, in this case we are talking about the one that represents the highest profitability, it can be sold for 15,000 gold dollars, it is important to note that in Stardew Valley during the spring when it is raining is that we can capture it, without the time of day influencing, and it will be in the mountain lake, and you have to fish it around the sunken trunk, the fishing levels are important to catch this kind of fish, in this case of Legend has it that our ability must be 10 captures, crimson at level 5, fisherman at level 3 and glacier at level 6, while the mutant carp is not limited to this.

      Now that you are aware of where to find legendary fish just do it and keep progressing in Stardew Valley, a very busy game.

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