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Lidia Rozo
2020-12-23 13:40:14

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There are new characters in Stardew Valley and this makes us take care of telling you how to unlock Professor Snail, let's see.

Who is Professor Snail in Stardew Valley?

This is just an NPC that is present in this game, but it is not necessarily only that, because it is an investigator who is doing some exploration tasks, only that they have captured him, and this makes us take care of rescuing him if work consists in studying fossils as well as the ancient life that has existed on this island.
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How to unlock Professor Snail in Stardew Valley?

 This is a somewhat complex task, but do not worry because here we will tell you how to achieve it without greater complexity, first, it is necessary to take care of crossing the volcano and getting a total of 10 golden nuts, these allow you to unlock the west side of the island, here we will see Birdie in addition to some parrots in the wooden stands, but it is only necessary to focus on the parrot that is usually near the teacher's store, it is necessary to give him 10 golden nuts because with this he will be in charge of calling the other parrots, and They will put to work repairing the bridge, then we proceed to cross it so that we reach where rock is located, we stop and hear some voices behind it, it is not worth using any tool to destroy it.

Now, our task is to eliminate the rock for which it is necessary to make use of a mega bomb that can perfectly well be bought for about 1,000 gold pieces from a seller inside the volcano on the fifth level and proceed to explode this bomb to damage the rock, there we will see that the professor leaves to go to his shop and tells us that we can visit him when we consider it favorable.

We can finish this guide on How to Unlock Professor Snail, so this makes us take care of doing an interesting search in Stardew Valley and that has some merit because we work with a rescue.

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