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Stardew Valley has come to occupy us for a long time, and therefore it is convenient to tell you how to obtain infinite weapons

What's the point of getting infinite weapons in Stardew Valley?

 This game allows us to have a number of interesting things among which are weapons, because as we well know how to defend ourselves it is always a necessary task, in this sense, knowing how to obtain infinite weapons simply makes us take care of finding galaxy weapons and choosing to improve them so that these can be much more powerful, since the objective of obtaining them is to give them the respective use in the fight against monsters.

How to get infinite weapons in Stardew Valley?

 Our first task is to get Galaxia weapons for which it is necessary to take charge of accessing the Calico Desert, which can be achieved after having completed the “Vault Packages”, in the community center, although it is not necessarily usually done this way, as there is the chance of paying Joja in order to make it possible to repair the bus.

 Now, once we are located in the Calico Desert, we are allowed to take a look where the 3 pillars at the top of the right side of the map will catch our attention in Stardew Valley, this is a great step in our work to know How to obtain infinite weapons because it offers us the possibility of getting the Dagger of the Galaxy or the Hammer of the Galaxy.

 The sword of the galaxy is an important element in Stardew Valley and for this it is necessary to consider:

  •  Take a prismatic shard, (these are usually a rare type of object)
  • Choose to place ourselves in the center of the pillars.
  • We have about a 25 percent chance of obtaining a Prismatic Shard by breaking a Mystical Stone in the Skull Cave.
  • We have a 25 percent chance of getting a prismatic shard in the volcano dungeon or level 100 in the mines.
  • There is a probability of obtaining a fragment of an iridium node.

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    Knowing how to obtain infinite weapons makes us choose to turn the prismatic fragment into the "Sword of the Galaxy", the "Dagger of the Galaxy" and the "Hammer of the Galaxy", with this we manage to go for the weapon that we consider most feasible, which implies choosing to take care of getting the "Infinity" version of it which makes us have to get the three "Galaxy Souls", these are actually somewhat complex to get because it will be necessary to spend the amount of golden nuts, for this it is necessary to go to the ginger island in Stardew Valley and choose to meet with Mr. Qi.

     Mr. Qi will present us with some challenges to execute which usually seem like special requests from the city, and that can offer us some rewards such as gems which are usually favorable for the purchase of the galactic soul, however, there are other ways to get Amas Galactics even when they can be somewhat dangerous because it is about:

    •  Perform missions that lead us to delve into the depths.
    • Choose to execute some invasion of the skull cavern.
    • Take care of defeating the monsters because for this we must get at least 50.
    • The souls of the galaxy can also be purchased, for this it is necessary to visit the merchant every last day of the season and choose to give him a total of 10 radioactive bars, (these bars are obtained when we complete the mission "Danger in the depths" and activate the challenge sanctuary on floor 120)

     Now, we must consider forging infinite weapons and for this it is necessary:

    •  Have 3 infinite souls and take them together with the weapon of the desired galaxy from the forge.
    • Have the amount of 60 ash shards, (these can be extracted from enemies in the volcano dungeon).
    • To get to the forge it is necessary to reach level 10 of the volcano dungeon.
    • Then we must deal with interacting with the device and manage to fuse a galaxy soul with a galaxy weapon, this has a value of 20 ash shards.
    • This process mentioned above must be repeated twice to get the infinite weapon.

     Definitely, knowing how to get infinite weapons makes us embark on an interesting quest through Stardew Valley.

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