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Pay attention, so you can learn how to find Gluttonous Worms in Star Ocean Divine Force, so make yourself comfortable.

What are Gluttonous Worms in Star Ocean Divine Force?

This is an item related to one of the side quests, including the quest Why Is It Only Me. This may leave you wondering where to find gluttonous worms and how to complete the quest.

How to find Gluttonous Worms in Star Ocean Divine Force?

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After talking to the Undaunted Explorer, you will learn that he was attacked in Larcasse after staying and eating at the Delryk Inn. You will have to do the same to find the dangerous bugs and after this you will have to go to the Larcasse region, to find the bugs after eating the proper food and staying at the inn.

Quest giver: Fearless Explorer - Delryk Village

Details: Kill a horde of bugs in the Larcasse region. Client was attacked after eating in Delryk Village.

Objective: defeat the gluttonous worms.

You can find the Undaunted Explorer right outside the Delryk Inn. Once you exit through the doors, walk forward, and you will see this NPC standing by the wall. Talk to him to receive the quest, Why is it just me?.

To complete him, Why is it just me? In Star Ocean, the first thing you have to do is sleep in the Delryk Inn and select the option to eat the Invigorating Chunky Curry > then you will have to leave Delryk Village and go to the Larcasse region.

In the region, you will find several gluttonous worms that you will have to eliminate to complete the mission.

This is all you need to know about how to find Gluttonous Worms in Star Ocean Divine Force, so we hope we have been very helpful for you to continue moving forward.

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