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Today we are going to tell you how to use consumables, a highly necessary detail in Spellbreak.

What are the consumables in Spellbreak?

 These are nothing more than some elements that we need to find in this game and they are scattered around the map, as some usually have abilities that can serve us in our favor, since they are useful to heal us when we are relatively close to dying, these come with potions of health and fragment of armor, it is possible to see them in the gauntlets or in the runes, in short, everywhere on the map.


How to use the consumables in Spellbreak?

 To use them it is necessary to take into account that these have a duration time which simply leads us to use them quickly and efficiently, as this usually varies, the process of consuming a small item is only 3 seconds, while the large is 6 seconds, then you have to wait some time to get the restoration, it is also important to be clear when we manage to be hit by a spell, activate a rune, or cast a spell there is no possibility of consuming an object and see you in the Obligation to start the timer, it is important to consider that while we are consuming the item we must bend down and remain invisible, since the consumable once taken allows us to get 10 seconds to achieve full effect.
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Consumables usually have some effects:

  •  It is not possible to drink them simultaneously.
  • It is only possible to drink them in succession.
  • When we have taken the consumables in various quantities, we will achieve faster healing effects.
  • You need to increase them to get the healing speed to rise.
  • It is possible to do it quickly, because here time counts.
  • Taking the spirit talent can be favorable as this allows us to consume more health potions and armor fragments at least to get 50 percent speed.


 When we drink consumables we can get:

  •  With a large potion of health, 50 health.
  • With a small potion of health a 20 health.
  • With a large piece of armor we get 50 armor.
  • With a small piece of armor we get 20 armor.

 This is all you need to know about how to use consumables, as it is a necessary task as our goal is to stay alive at Spellbreak.

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