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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-07 17:16:21

More about: NBA 2K21

We invite you to discover what is the list of varsity teams that are available in NBA 2K21.

How many college teams is it possible to get in NBA 2K21?

  To date, it is only possible to get a total of 10 MyCareer teams, these teams are designed to prepare us for the NBA, an interesting amount is royalty, where the best study houses in the country are concentrated and this has some characteristics such as:


  •   Each varsity team has its own particular logos.
  • Each team has its own fields.
  • Each team has its respective uniforms.
  • Some player names or images are not available due to legal issues with video game companies.

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What's the college team list on NBA 2K21?

  The truth is a short list, but we hope that sooner rather than later this could turn around and change, because for now it is necessary to choose wisely the equipment we want to use, as these generally tend to show thanks to our performance in the field. .

  These are the varsity teams available:

  •   Connecticut.
  • State of Michigan.
  • Florida.
  • Gonzaga
  • Oklahoma.
  • Syracuse.
  • Texas Tech.
  • UCLA.
  • Villanova
  • W.V.

  In general terms, knowing what the list of varsity teams is allows us to be able to access any of them and perform as best as possible thanks to our capabilities in NBA 2K21.

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