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The action in Spellbreak does not stop so today we are going to explain how to get more gold.

What should we know about gold in Spellbreak?

  Gold is the most important currency in the game, which will be very useful to obtain cosmetic improvements in the store, one of these is gauntlets, micro transactions can help us generate income, the combination is important Of the magical elements that allow us to have powerful outstanding effects, now it is ideal that it is from our understanding How to get more gold and that is what we will see in the following content, let's do it.
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How to get more gold in Spellbreak?

 Certainly we have that one of the options to get gold is through real money but we also have to be able to have it through the game, we have that by the mental approach it is possible, which consists of the spell contest and that prior to each one of the rounds it is possible to make the choice of the class, which will take us to the magic school with which we will start the round, but here we can make the choice of a second school, seeing now the combinations, but the final XP It is obtained by the school that we choose as main, these will give us gold also when we have reached a new milestone, so it is necessary that we distribute the XP in all so that we can quickly fill those who are in lower ranks, thus we will reach get a lot of gold.

 Mastering magic can lead us to get gold more easily, this is presented by the spell contest when leveling up, it is important that we specifically have to go through 50 levels of progress, when we go from one level to another we go To be able to receive 50 gold, XP being an important factor here, due to the performance it is possible to achieve it, which makes it necessary to have maximum control of the game, once a round ends we will earn an amount of XP according to our performance, a location Among the top 20 is something that offers us a good result, it is important that we reach the last blow for the exile of the players, it is certainly something difficult to achieve but it will become one of the fights.

 In conclusion, knowing how to get more gold is excellent because we can advance further in this incredible game such as Spellbreak.

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