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Today we bring you an explanatory guide with everything you need to know about How to fix Space Engineers scripts not showing.

Space Engineers is an amazing game that many players are having fun with because of its story, plus it just received a new update called Signal that added new and exciting elements within the game and ended up making significant improvements.

Unfortunately, not everything is so perfect since there are several players who have complained that they cannot access the sprit, which ends up causing discomfort when playing.

Sprits allow you to add automatic interactions to the game and while this is something incredible since players can use it for various things including improving quality of life, not everyone can enjoy it.

If you are one of the victims, you should not worry, since we bring you some solutions that can help you. If you want to know more about it, go ahead and find out.

How to fix Space Engineers scripts not showing

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It's important to note that scripts are not directly displayed in the standard mod list. To access them, you'll need to utilize Programmable Blocks.

Accessing and Refreshing Scripts:

  • 1. Enable Blueprints: Within the game, press `F10` and construct a Programmable Block.
  • 2. Open Script Browser: Navigate to the Programmable Block and access its Control Panel. Select "Edit" followed by "Browse Scripts."
  • 3. Verify Filter Setting: Above the script search bar, ensure the filter button (represented by four small icons) is set to "All."
  • 4. Refresh Script List: Click the refresh button (circular arrow) and allow a few moments for the list to populate.

If Scripts Remain Unavailable:

  • 1. Check for Game Updates: Ensure your Space Engineers client is fully updated. Updates typically occur automatically through Steam.
  • 2. Perform System Restart: A simple system restart can sometimes resolve temporary glitches.
  • 3. Enable Experimental Mode: Within the Options menu, navigate to "Game" -> "General" and activate "Experimental Mode." This functionality is essential for script and mod usage.

Additional Considerations:

  • Console Limitations: Currently, script functionality is unavailable on console versions of Space Engineers.
  • Game Pass Restrictions: For Game Pass users, script access is limited to dedicated servers you host, excluding singleplayer and Keen servers.
  • PC Dedicated Server Restrictions: Similar to Game Pass, PC players can only leverage scripts on dedicated servers they host, not Keen servers.

In conclusion, we hope that our guide on How to fix Space Engineers scripts not showing is helpful to you and that you can solve this problem, so that you can continue enjoying the experience that Space Engineers has for you.

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