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The action in Sonic Origins does not stop, which leads us to explain how to use drop dash.

What to know about drop dash in Sonic Origins?

  It is a movement that we saw for the first time in Sonic Mania, now in the classic titles we can get to use it, with everything that the franchise has represented at this moment we will see what to do for the use of drop dash, you just have to follow the details that this guide is going to present to us next, let's see.

How to use drop dash in Sonic Origins?

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    The use of this is similar to the one before in Sonic Mania, which will lead us to do a jump in the air by holding down the jump button until we make contact with the ground, with this an acceleration sound is presented, and we will be converting to Sonic in a blue ball, with the hit from the ground we can take off quickly in the direction we are looking at that moment, only this movement is made with Sonic, because applying the same sequence of buttons on Tails ends up flying and Knuckles will slide, another important consideration is to be in anniversary mode to be able to do this movement, because in previous versions it was not available.

      Finally, now that we know how to use drop dash we can take advantage of this interesting movement in Sonic Origins.

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