Angel Marquez
2021-01-29 07:56:10

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Learn how to use the invader's curse in season 8, because it is a necessary task in Smite.

What to know about the curse of the Invader’s Curse in Season 8 in Smite?

 It is something that allows us to stop the assaults on the enemies at the beginning of the game or fight with the phoenix of the enemy team, this curse of the invader arrived in season 7 by way of the update, but in the current season 8 has been maintained and expanded further, so to understand How to use the invader's curse in season 8 let's keep reading the following text.

How to use the curse of the Invader’s Curse in Season 8 in Smite?

 There are a number of debuffs that you get from the Invader's Curse, these being reduced healing 30 percent, movement speed reduced 30 percent, and attack speed 30 percent, when attacking a yellow buffalo or behind the enemy's back. Is that this effect occurs, in the enemy's blue, purple or red camps this effect was not seen.
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The duration of this is only until minute 1 of the game passes and its effect is thus ended, this was introduced to prevent players from diving in the back camps of to avoid advancing in the game at the beginning more than all.

It is then necessary that these areas be avoided at the beginning of the game, the appropriate thing is to wait until we have several levels for the invasion of another team, after that we will not have to worry about the debuff that prevents the initial invasion of the camps of mana or emptiness, the doors that protect the enemy source are also the product of the invader's curse, being different from that of the jungle, this door is maintained throughout the game, only it persists if we stand on top of the rest pad its duration is 5 seconds.

  Knowing how to use
the Invader’s Curse in Season 8 is interesting, because we can unwind and have more fun in Smite.