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Skyrim users have been wondering how to use restore potion glitch, which we will cover below.

What is the restoration potion glitch in Skyrim?

It is a Skyrim glitch that you can use to create teams with excellent stats, but there are also several ways to use it, that's why we will tell you how to use restoration potion glitch below.

How to use the restoration potion glitch in Skyrim?

The first thing you should do if you are wondering how to use restoration potion glitch, is to make sure you can enchant armor, for this you will have to start the Ring of Pure Mixtures mission, which will give you the ring for the enchantment skill. To start this quest you will have to talk to Frida in Mortar and Pestle.

The next step after the mission is to rob Frida, which will allow you to get the ring which you will have to disenchant on an enchantment table. After that you will have to enchant a necklace, a helmet, suspenders and a ring with Fortify Alchemy, and then equip them.

You will also need an Alchemy level of 40 to upgrade your Alchemist Perk to level 3 and you will need to get the Medic and Benefactor when you do so.

How to use restoration potion glitch in Skyrim? - Position Exploration

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    After the previous process you will have to go to an alchemy lab where you will have to brew a fortified restoration potion using 1 Long Fin and 1 Cyrodilic Spade Tail and when you have it you will have to drink it > the next step will be to access your inventory and unequip all the previously enchanted Fortify Apparel items. After that you will have to stay in the menu and then re-equip those unequipped items.

    After that you will have to go to the alchemy lab and create another fortified restoration potion, drink it and repeat the process of equipping and unequipping the enchanted clothing.

    You will need to repeat the process at least 10 times or until the effects of the glitch start to become present.

    How to use restoration potion glitch in Skyrim? - Blacksmithing and enchantment position

    At this point you will need to create some fortified smithing potions and fortified enchantment potions.

    To prepare the Blacksmithing one, you will have to get a glowing mushroom and a phial.

    While for Enchantment, you will need Snowberries and a Blue Butterfly Wing.

    These potions will allow you to gain the ability to craft nearly unbreakable armor, as well as the ability to enchant items with unique effects. The armor you create can be sold for large sums of money.

    That's all you need to know about how to use restoration potion glitch in Skyrim, so now that we've come to the end, we hope you manage to take full advantage of the effects of this glitch.

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