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Today we bring a Silt guide where we will tell you how to beat the third Goliath.

Who is the third Goliath in Silt?

  This is a boss and it is nothing more than a mechanical crab that it is necessary to defeat, so knowing How to beat the third Goliath takes us into a battle that is usually hard enough, eliminating it allows us to focus on the great machine and to give you details about it, we are here.

How to beat the third Goliath in Silt?

  We must take care of applying these game strategies and this implies:

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    Cut the ropes to the right: this boss usually appears slowly behind the stage once we have entered the arena for the first time and have swum to the bottom, as we go deeper we will see that this boss will have teleporting rays that They usually swim around it.

    It is necessary to take care of using the fish to swim to the right side of the arena and manage to teleport through the rope that is usually blocking our way in the direction of a channel, since we have one of the biting fish we can swim to the rope to moderate it and thereby ensure that the diver can swim.

    Swim through the channel and turn on the lights: we are still immersed in the task to be learned How to beat the third Goliath and since the path is usually clear it is necessary to swim up and towards him, then we will swim to the bottom where we will get an electric eel , in this case it is necessary to use the fish that we used previously, a biter and we will teleport to the left of the arena, here we will see the eel swimming near the light without energy, in this case we will have to have the electric eel and use the ability to turn on the light so that with it we manage to activate it so that it shines and therefore can attract the Mechanical Crab.

    It is necessary to take into account that the crab usually grabs the light and turns it off, but this is where we must be quick and return to the diver, for which we must take care of pressing the possession button in order to possess the electric eel in the right side, this allows us to turn on the second light, however, the Mechanical Crab will grab the two lights, but this will only cause him to electrocute himself at the bottom of the arena.

    Unload the body and grab the eye of the Mechanical Crab: once it has fallen into Silt it usually stays at the bottom and in this case we will have to swim to it, which implies having the electric eel and using it to electrocute Goliath's body until that it can move and therefore fall, to the depths of the abyss, it will only be enough to follow the body where we will see the crushed remains of the boss and in doing so we must absorb the eye, then, we will be teleported to the kingdom of the great machine and it is this place where we can transfer the soul.

     Now that you know how to beat the third Goliath you can get involved in this interesting fight that only Silt can offer you.

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