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We invite you to discover How to solve the gas valve puzzle in Signalis, a new task.

What to know about the gas valve puzzle in Signalis?

  It is located in the incinerator room of level B3 of the game, you have to work with a series of adjustments for some gas valves, it can cause us confusion, we have to access a wall safe in the infirmary, this before entering the incinerator room, we will use the SWORD document located in the waiting room in 3B, the numbers can emit the radio when tuned to the mentioned frequency, it is complex and will be worth it, looking to know how to solve the gas valve puzzle in Signalis let us note the following content.

How to solve the gas valve puzzle in Signalis?

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We interact with the puzzle to start, which will lead us to pull the lever on the right, causing lighting for some rectangles in the upper left corner of the machine, while in the fans there will be one of the CO2 rectangles, one of the gas and another of these 02 illuminated, through the lights we will have information related to the direction to which we must turn the dials, after pulling the lever it will stand out for doing the following:


  •  We will see an illuminated rectangle with an arrow pointing up, here we turn to the left.
  • By lighting up the rectangle with a down arrow we are going to turn the dial to the right.
  • If we don't see any illumination we don't have to move the dial.


 After doing the above we have to pull the lever seeing the lights again, the next thing is to make another round of adjustments with the same indications, we must do it until the rectangles C02, GAS and 02 do not light up, with this result we have to we will have solved the puzzle, accessing the fire key of the incinerator, to have precisely what is necessary we have an example to follow of the puzzle and this is the following:


  •  We pull the lever seeing that CP2 lights up, GAS down and O2 does not light up.
  • Pulling the CO2 dial to the left will result in turning the GAS dial to the right and not moving the O2 dial
  • Pulling the lever we will see that CO2 lights up with arrow up, GAS does not turn on and O2 does not light up either.
  • Turning the CO2 dial to the left, without moving the GAS dial and the O2 dial.
  • Pulling the lever does not illuminate any light thus solving the puzzle.


Now that we know how to solve the gas valve puzzle in Signalis, we will only have to do it to continue with our progress and fun in the game.

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