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Shenmue 3: How to Heal - tips and tricks

2019-11-21 09:55:26

One of the most important aspects to survive in Shenmue 3 is knowing how to heal, so in this guide we will tell you how to do it.

What is Shenmue 3 about?

It is the action and adventure video game, developed by Ys Net and distributed by Deep Silver, which was released a couple of days ago and is now available for PlayStation 4 and PC users. The first video game of the series was released in 1999, the second video game came out in 2001 and it is not until November 19, 2019 that the third installment of the video game arrives and from now that it is starting it is good to know how to recover health .

How to heal in Shenmue 3?

The best way to restore your health is by eating and drinking, this plays a very important role in the game unlike other titles in which this does not have such an important role, so make sure that Ryo eats every day so you can Keep your health stable.

Keep in mind that your health not only decreases when you are in combat, but also when you run or walk.

You can buy food in stores or food stalls for Yuan and you can also get it in places like Shenhua's house, in whose kitchen the food is restored every day

There is not much more about how to heal in Shenmue 3, it is quite simple to do it and at the same time quite important and necessary, so we hope that our guide has served you and continues to serve you every time you need to recover your health, good luck.

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