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2020-10-15 12:42:03

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Now we are going to tell you everything you need to know if you were wondering how to fix Ultrawide not working in Second Extinction.

What is Ultrawide's problem in Second Extinction?

This is a problem that players who own an ultra-wide monitor have presented, the problem comes when the ultra-wide resolution does not work in the cooperative dinosaur shooter. In this sense, we got to work and we already have the solution.

How to fix Ultrawide not working on Second Extinction?

The first thing you have to know is that the game does support ultra-wide resolutions, however, there are problems with certain monitors considering what the same developers said "it is possible that the ultra-wide monitors do not work as expected".

Fortunately the game has multiple resolution options that it apparently supports, but you should keep in mind that selecting something higher than the 1920 × 1080 standard can cause problems for the game.

To avoid problems with ultra-wide resolutions, we recommend you delete the game configuration file and restart it, to do this you will have to start updating the Nvidia or AMD graphics drivers, depending on your GPU.

Then you will have to go to C:> Users> Your username> Saved games> Avalanche Studios> Second Extinction> delete the settings.json file and access the game again and try to select the resolution you want to use, which should let you run the game smoothly.

  Thus ends our guide on how to
fix Ultrawide not working in Second Extinction, we hope that you have managed to solve this problem of resolutions as soon as possible and that you will access the game without problems again as soon as possible.

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