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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-15 19:40:54

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Weapons are simply necessary in Genshin Impact and this leads us to tell you how to obtain the Sword of Brilliant Valor, let's see.

What is the Sword of Brilliant Valor in Genshin Impact?

  This is nothing more than an extremely old weapon with which we come across in this game, it makes us have to venture on a search for the Lionfang Legacy, this is a task that usually occurs during the history of Venti since it will be necessary to carry out this work for Jack and Stanley.
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How to get the Sword of Brilliant Valor in Genshin Impact?

 This usually comes off the floor of a cabin and it is our task to interact with it as soon as we find it, because at first Jack is not very excited since it is a little worn, but finding it is a complex task since we It is time to fight against some mobs since they are inside the cabin in the north of the Dadaupa gorge.

 For his part, Stanley takes a somewhat strange attitude when observing the sword, as he shows a strange behavior to the point that he chose to crawl outside to follow his group which leads us to have to go in search of the Magnificent Shield of Honor, alone that this task is somewhat rare because Stanley has been in charge of planting some Hilichurl to be placed as a shield, which makes it clear that this character is not an adventurer, the shield is located southeast of the location of the sword, which It leads us to mobilize to Monsdtadt to place it at night and thus go to the Angel Action.

 Now that you know how to get the Sword of Brilliant Valor, you know that you have to embark on an interesting quest adventure in Genshin Impact.

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