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Delve into the universe of Rust because today we are going to tell you how to raid.

What to know about a raid on Rust?

It is about an assault on an opposing base, something that requires some efforts and strategies to achieve success, where you have to defeat the enemy forces and thus besiege the cities, something that becomes a complicated task, because It requires great resources and a lot of coordination, being necessary a superior strategy and great investment of resources, now to have an idea of ​​How to make a raid, you must take into account this guide and its following details.

How to raid Rust?

To get an idea of ​​How to raid, you have to take into account what we need for success in Rust and for this there is the following:

  • Explosives: with the help of these it is possible to demolish doors and walls, it is important to have enough to achieve success, rocket launchers and multiple grenade launchers are the appropriate weapons for the destruction of stone, thus demolishing any type wall, other important resources are Satchel charges, they are great devices that are used to destroy by explosion in the middle of the incursion, but the best are the C4, only that their manufacture depends on a lot of scrap in Rust, at the beginning we can help ourselves with the Bean can grenades and the flamethrower, thus cleaning the place from early in terms of How to make a raid, the wood and deactivation of traps is possible to do with the flamethrower, while with the grenade we can use it against the doors and bad construction structures.
  • The splash damage: this is where the range damage to the rocket launcher and the grenade launcher comes in, which turns out to be so great that it can cause damage to walls and objects at the same time, if we aim at a couple of joined walls or between a door and wall, the damage caused will be seen of the same amount on each one, from the beginning using this can be a window for the rapid dismantling of elaborate structures, the same will happen with the corners, the damage to this type can reach the union of corner and multiple walls may be damaged.

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  • The traps to enter the base: there are bases that at the entrance are protected by traps, so if we rush into the assault it turns out to be the worst strategy in Rust, falling into a shotgun trap easily, but if we pay attention we can detect it with A slow panoramic view from the outside, these bases appear stone fortresses to mislead those who do not have the experience in the assaults, but there are visible sources of energy such as solar panels and windmills that end up giving away the base for more sophisticated as it is, with satcheo or C4 charges and even with a flamethrower we can destroy solar panels and windmills, while traps can be victims of rockets and HE grenades.
  • Surveillance and backup plan: regarding how to make a raid we have to have bad intentions who seek to take advantage of our work and resources, then they come to be attentive to the raids of the other players, what we will do for this is had a player as a lookout to detect these threats near the enemy base, being necessary a base of operations close to the objectives, because when dying a sleeping bag is presented that allows the return close to the action, also in this base there are supplies extras in case we have to defend ourselves from the incursion.
  • Looting and the toolbox: being present an active defense, it is important that we secure the loot and leave the place as soon as possible, the loot of great value is always in a place that is difficult to access, then that is when it will be us A pneumatic hammer is useful to be able to knock down walls, only that depending on the type more than two or three may be required, with only one we can end the weak side of the wall, which can become a wooden ceiling, then as for How to make a foray into Rust can be dependent on the efficiency and cost of resources, so we must evaluate before acting, in this case how much we are going to risk for the loot, the destruction of the tool cabinet is important to ensure the base because with ours placed we can have the benefits that it brings with ensuring the structure of those who keep defending the base.
  • The doors come first: the weak points of each base are in the doors, considering the lower amount of HP they have, we will depend on fewer resources to destroy them, with the weapons and other explosives mentioned before, achieving success of the raid if we start with the doors, the fastest is the use of a rocket launcher, but the C4s are cheaper, as we progress in the raid we will see that the defenses will be very complex, which requires precision in handling of the resources.

In this way we finalize our Rust guide, now you know how to raid, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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