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Delve into the universe of Rust, because today we are going to tell you how to survive as a solo player.

What to know about Rust?

Once we are playing we can find many new things in the survival genre, being with a squad is very complex and alone can be more complicated, it is important to have the right strategies to come out well during the first games, it is something very timely In terms of How to survive as a solo player, highlight the following details to achieve success, let's see.

How to survive as a solo player in Rust?

As for How to survive as a solo player in Rust we must consider the following aspects:

The initial minutes of the Wipe: our beginning in Rust is presented near the ocean, it is important that we first see the map to mark the nearest fishing village, they are very safe places, ideal for the construction of a base.

  • The Loot on the way: there are many objects that we can find when we are on the way to the fishing village, which become weapons, clothes and a base, while by looting we can get stone, wood and hemp, in the In the case of the first two, we can collect them with a rock that is located very close to where we appeared, while hemp is useful for making clothes, being useful to protect ourselves from radiation and cold, basic weapons and a base by day they require wood and stone for their manufacture.

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    • The sleeping bag: it is a bag made with 30 fabrics of hemp plants, it is for sleeping, it can be useful as a storage point, instead of reappearing on the beach, which allows us to How to survive as a solo player continue from where we left on the way to the village, being necessary to leave it once we reach the construction of a base.
    • The first base: for the first day it becomes sufficient that we have a 2x2 wooden base, while if we opt for something that is more complex other materials are required, safety turns out to be an important factor for the lifting of our base, if We want to make a lock 100 woods are required, it can be a very hasty thing for some of us at Rust.
    • On the island of rust at night: As much as animals and other players can be a problem on this island, which can be considered to wait cautiously for the fact of farming the next day, it also becomes important to get scrap metal, the which is used for the construction of a workbench and access to the boat, harvesting food or hunting animals can help us maintain our health, we can use a recycler that is in the fishing camp to process the scrap metal and we go watching How to Survive as a Solo Player.
    • Improve the base: thanks to the scrap processing we will have in Rust the necessary materials to improve our base before going out to explore the small monuments, the boat that is on the dock can be useful for us. way we will go to the bandits' camp to look for scrap metal, highlighting that the use of the boat is a safe option so as not to have to take care of the flank of the clan, on the island and the coast you can see some metal barrels floating, achieving in a short time to accumulate 1000 scraps in this way.
    • The bandits' camp: now we are ready to go to this location, this is in the center of the island, being safe to be in the dark to avoid PVP situations while we carry the scrap that was difficult to obtain, it may be possible that close of this bandit camp is to establish a base here, being important in terms of how to survive as a solo player the manufacture of work benches or the purchase of weapons, achieving access to what is necessary for this, such as keeping the cloth, the oil raw and high-quality metal.

    We can conclude that knowing how to survive as a solo player may be easier than thought as long as we apply the advice presented here in Rust.

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