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The activities are interested in Rust, and therefore it is convenient to tell you How to solve harbor puzzle, let's see.

What are the ports in Rust?

These are simply a type of monument in which it is possible to carry out recycling activities, to refine crude oil from low-grade fuel, as well as being ideal places to loot, and each of these places has some riddles that will be necessary to decipher, in this sense, knowing how to solve harbor puzzle leads us to enter a world where survival is the most important task to achieve, since threats from these sides are usually constant and growing,

 Knowing how to solve harbor puzzle leads us to consider that within these spaces it is necessary to have a green card for the lowest, for which it is necessary to take a look at the desks, on the other hand, to have an electric fuse, in addition There are two types of port in Rust, a large one and a small one, each with different activities and puzzles to solve.

How to solve harbor puzzle in Rust?

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    Our work begins in locating the small port and for this it is necessary to take a look at an identifiable two-story building with a second-floor railing reinforced with sandbags, this is usually located on the right side of the port, our work leads us to take a look at the water and then proceed to enter through the door on the first floor where we will approach the fuse box that is open and sparking, our job is to insert the electrical fuse into it, after that we visualize the switch that is located near where it will be necessary to activate it in order to unlock the doors of the second floor of this building in Rust, so we will leave the room, proceed to climb the stairs and pass the green card through the access panel that usually stand by the door to the second floor.

     Finding the large port leads us to locate a small room on the dock near the front end of the port on the other side of the fence near the edge of the train chains, there it is necessary to take care of destroying the wood that is usually blocking the entrance of the room and for this it is necessary to make use of a stone or some tool, sometimes this barrier may have been destroyed by another player, however, it is pertinent to always be attentive, because knowing how to solve harbor puzzle allows us to stay active before In any situation, in this sense it is necessary to do the same as with the small port, and that is to locate the fissile box on the external wall of the building where we proceed to insert the electric fuse in order to activate the switch.

     The small puzzle requires a deviation that allows us to access a secondary location, as this usually hides a small enough room between the bulk liquid containers, for this it is necessary to move to the dock under the hangar, to get it is necessary to follow the electric line that takes us from the switch to the access panel of the green card, we must be quick because it has a timer and if we allow this time to run out, the door will close, in this sense, accessing this puzzle area will be It allows you to get the ideal blue card to use it in higher level monuments in Rust, but this does not stop here because we also get a loot box, and from there it is possible to take a break to explore a little and choose to recycle some objects.

     This is all you need to know about how to solve harbor puzzle, this way we get to work a bit and get rewarded in Rust.

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