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The action does not stop at Apex Legends, so today we are going to explain how to get the relic of Bangalore.

What to know about Apex Legends?

 With the arrival of a new event for collections, we have that its focus is presented on the Bangalore professional soldier, it is a cold steel pilot knife, which is focused on the collection event of chaos theory, which In turn, it presents a total of 24 available cosmetics that can be bought with Apex coins, being obtained in turn with real money, the loot boxes, so it is opportune that we know how to obtain the relic of Bangalore and that is what explained in the following text, let's see it.

How to get Bangalore Relic in Apex Legends?

 It is important to unlock the 24 cosmetics through the different available ways, which can lead us to get a chest that allows us to solve How to obtain the relic of Bangalore, which will allow us to enjoy equipping this relic with the inspection animations and have a Apex Legends melee knife, keep in mind that through the relic fragments it is also possible to buy the relic set you want in the store, in the same way as in previous events of this type, it is important to consider the availability of the Bangalore relic for purchase once the event has ended in the next 2 weeks.
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    You have to be very lucky to get the relic fragments, as rare as they turn out to be, opening a certain amount of loot boxes is that it will lead us to get these, we are talking about at least 500 boxes, in the collection events of anniversary, it was noted that the relic shards could be unlocked, so if we still have them we can only wait until the end of the event to solve How to obtain the relic of Bangalore, it should be noted the existence of an error in the counting of the boxes, the Which randomly reboots, thereby losing many relic fragments, for this reason loot boxes were distributed as a reward for losses for free in Apex Legends.

     Real money is not necessary for all the cosmetics of the event to be unlocked, only with the start of the session we can access the chaos theory music package, also taking into account getting a free track, we will get to unlock in the same way another such as the stat trackers for fuse and crypto, which is a rare aspect for Horizon and for the Kraber sniper rifle as a legendary aspect, when we are on the free track we must highlight the unlocking of objects with the points earned in the challenges of the event, the free track can be completed in at least 5 days, achieving 1000 points per day of the 5000 that are needed, with the event also adds a ring fury LTM and some changes in the balance in the legends and weapons.

     In conclusion, knowing how to obtain the relic of Bangalore is excellent, because we can advance further in this interesting and moved Apex Legends.

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