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2023-02-22 17:00:24

RuneScape 3 (RS3) is the current and most modern version of RunesScape, created by Jagex, who also made the popular Old School RuneScape (OSRS). The two games are distinct from each other and have their own development teams. In general, RS3 appeals to fans of more modern MMO games because of its updated appearance and in-game mechanics.

Just like with most MMO games, building your account to a high level, so you can access end-game content, or be competitive in PVP (Player-vs-Player) combat, can take a long time or require significant investment. At you can skip this grind and buy ready-made accounts. They have many great RS3 accounts for sale and all at fantastic prices.

In this guide, I will go over the different types of RS3 accounts there are, how to find the account of your dreams, and other things to consider.

Main, Polypore, Ironman? What does it all mean?

There are a few ways of categorizing RS3 accounts, so you can find the type of account you want in no time at all. We will briefly go over the main categories:

  • RS3 Main - If an account just has “RS3” at the start of its title then this will be the standard “main” type of account. What this means is it will generally have levels in both combat skills and non-combat skills, such as fishing and mining. These accounts also have the least amount of restrictions in-game so you can trade freely, and have the potential to take part in the majority of the game's content. There are also Max Cape accounts, which are accounts that have the maximum (non-virtual) stats and thus have unlocked this in-game item. These types of maxed accounts are some of the most popular and generally go for the highest prices compared to others.
  • Polypore - These types of accounts are made for PVP Combat and usually just have the following stats: 99 Magic, 99 Defence, and 99 HP. They are intended to be used with the Polypore Staff, hence their name. The prices for these accounts are extremely competitive.
  • Ironman - An RS3 Ironman has a few sub-categories like Hardcore and Ultimate, but what they all have in common is an inability to trade items or gold with other players, either at the Grand Exchange or player-to-player. These accounts are for players who want to do everything by themselves, and some would argue, because of this, you get a more full experience of Runescape when playing as an Ironman. Just like with Mains there are also Max Cape versions of these, which are even more desirable when you consider how much longer things can take in-game when you can’t trade.

In-house or Resale?

Another way to categorize accounts is by how they were made. Some accounts are made in-house, usually by workers whose main job is to create them for sale. They are given the required specifications of each build and they level up the account to reach these. Account builders know the most efficient methods to level up quickly and with minimal costs.

The other type of account is known as Resale, these are bought from regular players of the game and are generally higher level and more unique than in-house accounts. Usually, higher-level ironman accounts will all be Resale, as building up these accounts to have large banks can take a long time. Buying resold accounts is based largely on trust. It can be expected that major account resellers take great care in who they buy from, usually requiring ID verification and completion of legal contracts.

The benefits of buying an RS3 account

As we mentioned at the beginning, one of the major benefits of buying an RS3 account is being able to access end game content without needing to grind there yourself. You can also save a lot of money by paying for an account outright. Many of the skills in RS3 cost a lot of gold to level-up, often much more than the total cost of just buying an account.

Lots of players, particularly those who enjoy PVP content, like to have multiple accounts, and this makes buying them a no-brainer. Leveling up many accounts to be PVP ready can be time and cost-consuming, so over the years buying accounts has become a very popular solution. Due to these reasons, it should be known that many websites offer discounts for customers who buy multiple accounts at once. Happy gaming!

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