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Daniel Hidalgo
2022-02-02 14:30:55

More about: Rugby 22

Rugby 22 has already been released and so that you can start developing correctly, we have prepared this guide so that you know how to win scrums.

What is a Rugby 22 scrum?

It consists of a fixed formation whose function is to dispute the ball and put it back into play, after a minor foul.

How to win scrums in Rugby 22?

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When a full scrum occurs, an individual on the field will drop the ball between the two teams, and in this case you will have to pay attention to the instructions on the screen. Before the teams go to the scrum, you'll need to press a few control combinations, usually asking you to hold both triggers (L2/R2 and LT/RT) and push up or down on the analog sticks.

After positioning the ball with A / X, you will see a blue circle on top of the larger circle around the players of both teams. At this point, you will have to move the control icon at the top using the left stick and towards the light blue circle that moves.

The more the control icon is inside the circle, the more orange is removed from the bar, giving player 1 more chances to secure the ball at the end of the scrum.

Whenever you are in a good position and winning, you will have to press the right stick down to send the ball to the player at the end. You will need to do this when the arrows start to point to the last player in the scrum.

That's all you need to know about how to win scrums in Rugby 22, so now that we've reached the end, you're more than ready to slowly master this play until you master it.

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