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Angel Marquez
2020-12-16 16:01:53

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In the Rocket League universe, new tasks are presented, one of them is How to get all skin in Frosty Fest and here we will tell you how to do it.

What to know about Rocket League?

On the occasion of the arrival of the festive season we have to present a special event, with the consideration that other than the battle pass there are no Premium challenges, so it is not required to buy something to start it, it is only important Note that said event will come to an end on January 4, now it is ideal that we understand How to get all the look at Frosty Fest and that is what comes next.

How to get all skin in Frosty Fest in Rocket League?

The cosmetics

  • With 20 gaps obtained in online games we can get the Cold Sweater Player Banner
  • A pass and an online game victory are required to get the Snowman Avatar, ideally the correct defense is to unlock it.
  • With the victory, give a game corresponding to the extra snow day mode to unlock the Queen of the sleigh

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  • With 20 clear of online games you get a cold Sweater
  • 20 shots on target during online matches earn Snowstorm
  • 15 savings or epic savings required in online matches to get the Christmas Lights

Rockets and Toppers

  • With 20 assists in online games, where it is required that despite having the ball, let's not go for the shot, we have to rely on the team to complete it and get the fireworks rockets
  • Earn an XP level once the match is complete to get the Party Bow Topper
  • The wheels
  • In the extra modes of the snow days we have to get 20 centers, considering that per game the average is 5, which leads us to be in 4 games and get the party home
  • With 15 annotations, assistance or save in online games we get Mint.

The Golden Gift 20

  • It is required to play 20 online games to complete this challenge, achieving a rare reward for it, in the case of objects randomly, 100 games is ideal to win at least 5 rare objects before the deadline.

Knowing how to get all skin in Frosty Fest is interesting, as it allows us to unwind and have more fun in Rocket League.

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