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Guide to learn how to get artifacts in Rocket Arena

Your character in the new game called Rocket Arena can make a difference by just changing one artifact. The truth is that the abilities won't change and the difficulties related to the character they will play with, the artifacts that equip your character give you different power-ups and bonuses. So we will teach you how to get artifacts in the game for more variety.

How to get artifacts in Rocket Arena?

There are three slot machines in the game that you can equip with these artifacts and the artifacts have unique properties that give your character abilities or upgrades.

Every time you complete rounds of Rocket Arena, you will gradually unlock artifacts. These artifacts can be used on any character in the game.

Once you get artifacts from the machine you can head over to the competitors section of the main menu and the game will show you the full range of characters you can choose from.

Select any character you like best, then go to the Artifacts section where you can equip artifacts for Social and Classified Parties in three different spaces.

Now that you know how to obtain artifacts in Rocket Arena you can choose and modify your characters as you like in this new game. Luck!

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