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Rimworld: How to create a hospital - Tips and tricks

2020-02-28 12:45:51

In any world where we focus, construction is evident, because in Rimworld we will explain how to make a hospital

What is the purpose of creating the hospital in Rimworld?

The main objective of this construction is the healing of settlers who have landed and present some injuries or who simply get sick, there are some beds available where they can rest working as a traditional house at the beginning of their arrival or when they are Starting the colony, you put the necessary arrangements so that they can feel good will be part of our tasks which implies having knowledge about how to make a hospital

How to make a hospital in Rimworld?

It is important to keep in mind that the settler has the marked part of doctor and with those details with us we can start our work starting from the work tab that is located in the bottom row, it is also evident that each settler usually has his location necessary as the boxes of each of them are on the left side of the tab, the settlers can be placed as doctors as they have the potential to be and this is of great help in itself.

The space to execute the construction work is another important point, because it must be ample because there it is necessary to place several hospital beds where patients rest and recover. The beds in the hospital are usually varied starting from the same comfort only that some have some elements that make them more attractive because they have golden and silver decorations although it is always good to investigate these beds in the microelectronic tree before proceeding to place them as such .

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What are the necessary elements to build the hospital beds in Rimworld?

Knowing how to make a hospital requires many necessary implements which involve the beds where patients recover and rest and this implies having these resources.

Golden bed: consists of 5 components, 80 steel and 400 gold to be able to build it.

  • Silver bed: consists of 5 components, 80 of steel and 400 of silver to build it.
  • Uranium bed 55 components, 80 of steel and 40 of uranium are needed.
  • Plasteel hospital bed: to make it you need 5 components, 80 of steel and 40 of plasteel.
  • Steel bed, is the simplest bed and you need to have 5 components and 120 steel to build it.

With the beds already made, we only have to click on the settler who is injured or sick because it will be the one who occupies this bed made, allowing to recover through a recovery bonus that is not direct but in return can provide us with 75 percent of Quality in medical care, especially based on the doctor attending you being the best.

The beds that the hospital has may have some monitors that imply an increase in medical treatment, the success in some surgery or the improvement in the patient's immunity as it is a monitor that has an important cost of 3 components and 70 steel, being non-functional in normal beds, in addition to offering patients the possibility that patients can receive some kind of special benefit when resting in silver or gold beds since they are first and foremost the best alternative that is present.

This is all you need to know when you have an idea about how to make a hospital in Rimworld and in this way make the life of injured or ill settlers much better.

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