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Ark Genesis is full of many necessary and quite useful resources so I invite you to discover where to find resources

The resources in Ark Genesis range from simple polymers to blue gems through many elements that are important in creation being indispensable in some artifacts that we will use, it is important to have knowledge about where to find resources

Where to find resources in Ark Genesis?

The locations where they can be found are going to be detailed here and are the following:
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    Moon biome:

    This resource is located inside a cave where we will have to be a bit drastic to obtain it because we use a chainsaw and gas in order to eliminate the Tech Rex found here, this is between 19.25 - 7.4 GPS coordinates being a bright green elements that is visible on the slopes and rocks of Ark Genesis.

    Bog biome:

    Definitely knowing where to find resources leads us to mobilize a lot, this biome can be achieved in several coordinates in the case of GPS coordinates 66.8-63.4 we can get it because we observe a considerable amount of metal while we look for wood and fungi, another option is n 59.83 coordinates There even if there are Biotoxin gas balls there is the possibility of obtaining such metal resources near a crystal, the third option that we present is in coordinates 54.3-72.2 here if there is enough metal to be satisfied in Ark Genesis.

    Lava Biome:

    This resource is present in the red rocks, and not only do we find it because there is the possibility of finding here metal, glass and obsidian that emerges from coordinates 27.3-73.6 an important location about where to find resources

    Arctic biome:

    In our search for where to find resources we arrive at the Arctic where we must be careful, because not everything is as beautiful as we are painted, this area has several resources such as metal, obsidian, stone and flint, it is practically a place where anyone could be willing to eliminate us in order to get the necessary resources to develop tools and other necessary artifacts.

    In this area of ​​Ark Genesis the resources are usually well dispersed allowing us to have several coordinates such as 75.25, 71.23, 67.37, 62.33 as well as the many adversaries that we need to take care of.

    Ocean Biome:

     Our tour takes us on many sides, because knowing where to find resources has become a necessary task and marine biomes are another place where we can find them, the complex thing here is that the coordinates are not usually fixed, and being changing is more a challenge the good thing is that here we will get some pearls that are close to where there are clams and fish in Ark Genesis.

     In this biome there is the possibility of getting this oil if you have some moderately stable coordinate and it is 25.5-44.8, since the oceanic biome is usually changing as in the case of pearls that move the same can happen with the stone and the flint or in the case of berries and fibers, we just have to fight to achieve our goal about where to find resources and make very interesting elements in this game.

     The metals also have their presence in the oceanic biome while we keep swimming there is the possibility of running into them, since this biome is really an area quite full of resources we can have multiple options which some may be at the top such as straw , fiber, wood, flint and stone, because these spaces are full of resources for which many would kill, in addition there is the possibility of getting some white rocks that we should realize well when seeing them because some people could get to confuse them with crystals but really They are salt stones.

     The blue, red and green gems are also part of the resources that we can get the marine biome, and these do have specific coordinates allowing us to make the search a little easier and are 55.54

    Hexagons in Ark Genesis.

     To know where to find resources it is necessary to take into account the hexagons and they are indispensable when it comes to fixing failures, because for each of them we can need at least 1000 hexagons and they usually have a very interesting feature are some purple colored spotlights that come out which makes them quite different in relation to the obelisks that can also be observed in Ark Genesis, also the hexagons could serve as important elements to buy some important items through an exchange and with at least 3 levels of difficulty.

    Now that you know where to find resources, go to the places that you like best in search of them to take them and use them in the elaboration of the necessary artifacts in Ark Genesis.

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