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In Resident Evil Village there is some considerable amount of implements, let's see How to unlock the lightsaber.

What is the lightsaber in Resident Evil Village?

This is simply a weapon with which we get ourselves in this game, because although it is true here it would sound somewhat strange to have this type of weapon, because we must place it to give it its respective use, at the end of everything each weapon here has to serve us for something in particular and this cannot be overlooked.

How to unlock the lightsaber in Resident Evil Village?

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It is necessary to finish the history of the game to be able to access this weapon, as it is part of the many things with which it is possible to find here, because at the end of everything each weapon that we find usually has some use and the lightsaber is not different, In this sense, it is necessary to make it clear that it can be found in this way:


  •  It is necessary to pass the game at least once.
  • Next we must go to the additional content store in order to buy "Los Mercenarios".
  • We should consider completing the SS rank mercenary fiasco.
  • Next we must go to the additional content store to buy the LZ Answerer.
  • We proceed to go to the main merchant who is the Duke and buy the lightsaber.


 It should be noted that this lightsaber is named LZ Answerer, and it is necessary to defeat the mercenaries in order to access it. On the other hand, it is good to know that it is not an expensive weapon, but if a new generation weapon under development by the BSAA which makes it able to cut anything, although it is true that it may contain certain limits it is interesting to consider that it is possible defend ourselves with this which can make you attractive.

 In this sense, knowing how to unlock the lightsaber allows us to get a new and interesting weapon in Resident Evil Village, which you are waiting to acquire!

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