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The enemies are still latent in Resident Evil Village and therefore we are going to explain how to beat Cassandra.

Who is Cassandra in Resident Evil Village?

She is an enemy that we must face in this game, it is quite difficult to eliminate her, however, it is necessary to get rid of her, that implies using some important tactics, it should be noted that specifically Cassandra seems to be infected with a viral disease which makes her dangerous because she is simply a human mutant.
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How to beat Cassandra in Resident Evil Village?

Before going for it, it is necessary to get the "Iron Badge Key", this will be in charge of chasing us in the basement until we get attacked just when entering the library, it is necessary to use a lever that we get in one of the pillars to open the skylight, because the space where we are is small enough to shoot it, but it does not end here, because we have an open timer during the game, and it is only the skylight.

Overcoming it can be not very complex, for this it will be necessary to pull it from the center of the room and from there proceed to hit the lever when it is under the skylight, however, it is worth noting that when the skylight is active, Cassandra It is vulnerable on any side of the room, it is also necessary to take care of getting some tube bombs from the table to launch it against the cracked wall, this allows the cold to enter which makes this mutant precisely can be discovered before such a weakness .

It should be noted that our job should consist of shooting Cassandra's head, doing it when she is vulnerable is simply our favorable point, because we manage to make her fall, that is, it is ideal to keep a certain distance from her. Now, when she dies, she turns to ashes, and we only have to take a “torso of glass that she will drop.

 In general terms, knowing how to beat Cassandra is a fairly complex task, but once we manage to discover her weaknesses, everything becomes simple in this fight in Resident Evil Village.

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