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Lidia Rozo
2020-08-24 16:39:28

More about: Remnant From the Ashes

Remnant From the Ashes has a number of cool items, let's see How to Find the Servant's Cage Key

Why get the key to the servant's cage in Remnant From the Ashes?

  Because we are in the presence of two new areas and that usually keep some interesting amount of secrets, this makes an appearance thanks to the most recent expansion that has been called Subject 2923 where we have the good fortune of getting weapons, armor, objects and mainly enemies.
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How to find the key to the servant's cage in Remnant From the Ashes?

 The exploration of the mountains is an interesting area that we get in this DLC, however, it is important to progress a little in Reisum because we can get with enemies in quantity, as we fight we advance until we reach an area of ​​a circle and as soon as we manage to open the door we will go back to the beginning only that before accessing through it it is necessary to take a look at the two areas to get and collect the key to the servant's cage.

 With the key in our possession it is now necessary to go through the door to get to the beginning where the cage is located, as soon as we arrive it is necessary to eliminate the Urikki who are unarmed, it is important to focus on the one with the false eye since this eye is vital to the literal search that is given a little later.

 This is all you need to know about how to find the key to the servant's cage, as it is only necessary to advance a little in Remnant From the Ashes.

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