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Raft: How to Kill Screecher

2020-01-03 08:59:26

You have wondered how to kill Screecher, well, this is a fairly simple matter that we will explain in this Raft guide.

What are Screechers in Raft?

Before we talk to you about the central objective of this guide, which is like killing a Screecher, we must simply be clear about what they are, these are a kind of birds that we find in Raft, they are quite annoying specimens, because on the one hand They constantly patrol the island, that is, interrupting our tranquility, and on the other hand, if we try to approach, they will simply throw stones at us.

How to kill Screecher in Raft?

In order to kill these birds, it is necessary to use our abilities to climb somewhere high, because, in the highlands, we have the opportunity to eliminate these animals, especially if it is a space that has practically nothing for surroundings so that we can have a clear view of our objective, at this point it is good to let it get a little closer, because when it is on the floor taking a rock to hit us it could be an option, but obviously difficult because it would be really far from our arc, so it is good to let it approach a little towards us and in this way to be able to execute the blow, making a shot, so that we actuate the weapon and then proceed accordingly, because we do not want the rock that Our goal brings us hit.

What can we use to kill the Screecher in Raft?

To eliminate this bird we have an important element and e :.

  • An arch of 14 stone, or 7 metal arrows, either serves.

We can conclude by commenting that knowing how to kill Screecher is really an important task, since they are usually annoying beings when we move in Raft.

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