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The tour through PUBG Mobile allows us to show you where to find the Coupe

What is the Coupe in version 1.4 of PUBG Mobile?

This is simply a type of car that has been entered and is part of the novelties of this game, in this sense, knowing where to find the Coupe allows us to do a search, for our good fortune we have an extensive map with various places where it is possible to get the vehicle, we are not only talking about Miramar, now it is possible to have a search that can take us through Erangel, Sanhok and Livik, this allows us to have the possibility of carrying out some missions this season.

Where to find the Coupe in PUBG Mobile?

It is necessary to be able to locate him as soon as possible, this because as the season goes through it becomes more complex, this 4-wheel vehicle has come to cause some kind of sensation, in such a way that we will not be the only ones interested in getting the car in PUBG Mobile, in fact there are some who have died while they are conditioning, in addition, knowing where to find the Coupe allows us to understand that there is more than one of these vehicles in the game, only that we must be attentive to the necessary rules to comply with to carry out the respective search and this is done like this:
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  • Erangel: although it is true, this turns out to be the favorite map for all PUBG Mobile players, it should be noted that there is a possibility of getting the vehicle, but we should not necessarily trust it, sometimes it is possible to find it on the side of the main island , although it is also highly feasible to locate it on one side of the two bridges that usually connect the military base with the island.
  • Sanhok: this is another map of the game and here it is necessary to know where to find the Coupe, so that this makes us have to be attentive to its location, it is possible to find it in the heat of battle, however, this map may be something more complex, we will not necessarily find you in the outposts in PUBG Mobile, on the contrary, it is favorable to carry out this search on the outskirts of residential areas, specifically a Sahmee, these have the ability to hide this type of vehicle and that is where It is necessary to search.
  • Livik: this is another map, a little smaller but it also has this PUBG Mobile vehicle, in this sense, knowing where to find the Coupe is usually necessary to locate it in the outposts, it is necessary to locate the largest one and this is usually found Between Crabgrass and Aqueduct, these posts do not usually contain any name, but it will not be the only place, failing that there is the possibility of carrying out this search also at other points along the roads, these posts are usually a bit large and are housed with about four buildings which is presented as a task worth doing.
  • Miramar: this is a well-known, dusty place and it is possible to locate it on the southern highway, only that it could become an elusive space, especially considering that this vehicle has been offered specifically to carry out a test, it is only possible to locate one and give it its respective use, especially because it is usually fast, which is excellent to get into this map if it is quite large.

 In this sense, knowing where to find the Coupe allows us to carry out an interesting search on the maps and have the opportunity to mobilize ourselves in this interesting PUBG Mobile vehicle.

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