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The adventures in Genshin Impact do not stop which allows us to explain how to enable two-factor authentication

What is the purpose of enabling two-factor authentication in Genshin Impact?

  This game tends to stay more alive than ever as time passes, in this sense, it is necessary to know how to enable two-factor authentication, especially considering that it is necessary to link the email and mobile phone number to our account and This allows us to have the possibility of continuing to enjoy the game, this action came into effect on May 17.

How to enable two-factor authentication on Genshin Impact?

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    It is necessary to consider that both the mobile phone and the email are linked to the account, this is part of the simple measures applied in Genshin Impact in order to offer more security, so that it is only necessary to enter the code that is requested each time that we connect, this is usually sent via email or by means of a message to the mobile phone, this started on May 16 at 6 in the morning, and only applies for PCs and mobiles without exception, so that you know how to enable Two-factor authentication allows us to activate accounts just by logging in.

    It should be noted that there is the possibility of changing the mobile phone number, it will only be necessary to log in and then access "Account security settings" to see the linked accounts and locate the space where it is allowed to attach the email and therefore the mobile phone number.


     Knowing how to enable two-factor authentication involves:


    •  There is no possibility of unlinking our email, it is possible to change it, but for this it is necessary to previously enter the assigned email to retrieve the verification code.
    • To control the devices from which it is possible to access Genshin Impact, it is necessary to locate the tab "Login devices" of our account.
    • Once we manage to do so, we are allowed to see the devices from which we have accessed our account, which makes it necessary to delete them to use two-factor authentication and this implies logging in again.
    • It is possible that some device does not recognize the two-factor authentication method and there it makes it convenient to put the email or phone number that we used to use in advance.
    • Now, once we manage to enable the phone and email, we are allowed to receive two-factor authentication requests, this usually happens when we log in, it is only necessary to enter the respective code, it is also worth mentioning that we have enough time to enter it and It is around 30 minutes, after this time it will expire.
    • There is no need to worry about this type of safety equipment in Genshin Impact, in such a way that this only usually goes according to the times, and in this way we are allowed to play with more peace of mind.


    In general terms, knowing how to enable two-factor authentication offers us the possibility of playing Genshin Impact with more confidence thanks to these new security options.

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