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Lidia Rozo
2022-05-22 20:18:07

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Today we are going to explain how to rebuild your PS5 database, let's see.

What does rebuilding the PS5 database entail?

Sometimes the console does not usually work as it should or it simply does not usually open the programs that we want, that is where it is necessary to know How to rebuild your PS5 database, although it is true, this is a complex task, but if you follow the indications that we give you here this is quite easy to do, besides that this is the only process that usually works to improve these problems, so we invite you to continue reading this guide so that you can apply this solution.

How to rebuild your PS5 database?

 This is a task that can be executed without greater complexity and for this you must.

 Put the console in safe mode because this is the first step to develop to know how to rebuild your PS5 database and for this you must:

 Turn off the console and this is usually done just by holding down the power button for about three seconds, the power indicator usually flashes a few moments before it can turn off, when it is off you must press the power button once more and release it only when you hear the second beep, then, you will have to connect the controller with a USB cable to proceed to press the PS5 button.

 The next task to know How to rebuild your PS5 database consists of choosing option 5 that is shown to us in a menu of 7 options and this implies:
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  • Reboot the PS5 and change the video output.
  • Proceed to Update system software to proceed to Restore default settings.
  • Next, you should clear cache and rebuild database.


 You will have to reset PS5 and in this case it is necessary to select the PS5 option and proceed to choose Rebuild database, which allows you to scan the drive and thus create a new database with all the system content, you just have to select the option and let the process unfold, considering that it may take some time.

Knowing how to rebuild your PS5 database is a necessary task to develop, especially considering that it is a process that does not require greater complexity, in addition to being used to have an idea of ​​the possibility that there may be when deleting a game, in the same way It can be highly favorable to discover possible problems that may be occurring in the system and its respective functions. To our good fortune, this type of reconstruction does not usually erase any content and, therefore, doing so can be very favorable.

In the event that you have not been able to execute it, it is ideal to contact the support team because they can give you clearer and more specific instructions.


 Now that you know how to rebuild your PS5 database, you can get involved in this task and thus continue enjoying this console that has a lot for you, try it.

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