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Angel Marquez
2022-06-14 04:48:34

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With our PS5 guide you will learn more about How to fix overheating.

What to know about overheating in PS5?


 This is a problem that can cause some risky situations in the system, to the point of becoming unusable our console, it is timely to take into account the options that can help us to avoid it and as for How to fix overheating we can help us with the details in the following content, let's see.


How to fix overheating in PS5?


What we will do first in terms of How to fix overheating in PS5 is to take into account what to do to try to avoid this situation, considering that among the reasons for this problem are poor ventilation or heavy use of the console, to avoid overheating let's consider the following:


  •  The ventilation grids that have the PS5 to the data and in the back must have 10 cm of free space, avoiding that these are obstructed.
  • Avoid placing the console in narrow places
  • To be constantly cleaning the console avoiding that dust accumulates.
  • As for How to fix overheating avoid placing it on carpets because the air outlets may be blocked and the result is the accumulation of dust.


 As for How to fix overheating we have to take into account the following details to solve it in our PS5:

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  • Avoid blocking the ventilation.
  • The console must have sufficient space where it is placed.
  • Do not place it on carpet.
  • Constantly check for dust accumulation.
  • Remove any debris or dust that may have accumulated by gently vacuuming the grilles.


 If you have not managed to avoid overheating, it is advisable to contact Sony customer service for assistance, considering that if it is still under warranty it can be replaced or repaired free of charge.


 It is important to be attentive to the warnings that will let us know that our PS5 is overheating, before it gets to enter an irreversible situation, as for How to fix overheating we have that the important signals start with the message that the console is very hot, turn it off and wait for the temperature to decrease, it is something that we should not ignore, it is the clearest signal of all, the console may turn off by itself and if so the damage is serious, it is appropriate to detail the fan, which may be making a big noise looking to lower the temperature and thus keep the overheating at the margin.


 The performance will be affected, which makes us clearly see the existence of overheating, noticing the slowness when loading, the drop of frames, crashes, failures in audio or graphics and much more, the game time may also affect this situation, so it is appropriate to expect to come to recover from it.


 Although it may be normal that our PS5 generates heat, it is possible that the normal temperature is between 65 and 75 degrees, which seems high, but the console is able to cope with it, as for How to fix overheating RAM can be seen by 92 degrees Celsius, is what comes to determine that it is a risk for some components to exceed that temperature, which will cause some damage to these for those who become less resistance.


This way we finish our PS5 guide, now you know how to fix overheating, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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