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Lidia Rozo
2022-06-14 15:37:04

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Today we bring a guide we will tell you how to fix PS5 turns off by itself.

What does it mean to fix PS5 shuts down by itself?

 Embarking on a fix to ensure that this console can continue to function normally, although it is true that the console can turn off by itself may seem strange to us, it should be noted that it usually happens and that is why it is necessary to know How to fix PS5 turns off by itself , luckily for all of us who go through this inconvenience, this is a bug that usually has a solution.

 There are several reasons why the console turns off regularly, so it is necessary to know how to fix PS5 turns off by itself, such is the case of overheating, which will not only turn it off, but can cause other inconveniences somewhat more complicated on the console as such, even when it is not exposed to long laPS5os of use time, it may be due to carelessness that we have given it and we must attack it as soon as possible avoiding that the damage is more complex.

 Another reason why it can turn off is the outdated Firmware, sometimes not having it updated can lead to various errors because the software is corrupted over time and turning itself off is one of these options, to this we can add the HDMI and the USB ports, that although it is not entirely clear how these make the console pay for itself, it is necessary to make it clear that it is not too much to take a look and change them, this console will bring rear ports to which we can perfectly well give them a deserved use, this may be related to the issue of the energy of the television and the fact that it is placed in sleep mode causing the console to turn off.

How to fix PS5 shuts down by itself?

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Check the power cable: this is a first action to take because there is a possibility that it may not be properly plugged in and therefore the power is cut, so it will only be enough to take a look, even if you connect it and that the failure persists we must change the cable.

 Choose to update the software: we continue talking about How to fix PS5 turns off by itself and sometimes outdated consoles usually give us errors, this is a process that can be done automatically, only to do it we must have internet and for this we must :


  • Go to settings and go to System.
  • Next, we'll locate System Software, and then System Software Update and Setup.
  • We proceed to select Update system software and then Update using the internet.
  • To finish, press update and that's it.


 Disable HDMI device link: This is another solution to fix How to fix PS5 turns itself off and sometimes it is possible to disable this feature, for some users it has been helpful with PS5, this may be affected because when the TV turns off this can interfere, to do so we must:


  •  Go to Settings and then System.
  • Next, we will go to HDMI and then to HDMI device link.
  • Finally, we turn off and that's it.


 Avoid overheating: the solutions to know How to fix PS5 turns off by itself continue to occur and sometimes the error is usually due to lack of ventilation, in this case, Sony has recommended:


  •  Verify console vents are not clogged or blocked.
  • Check that there is about 10 CM of free space around each side of the PS5.
  • Avoid placing the console in a narrow space to know how to fix PS5 turns off by itself.
  • Prevent dust from accumulating inside the ventilation grilles.
  • Avoid placing the console on carpet or long fiber carpet.


 Make use of the rear USB ports: all the ports that the console usually has are for use, sometimes we only connect to the front ports, so knowing how to fix PS5 turns off by itself can make us give it a well-deserved I use the USB ports that the console brings behind because the ones in front may be throwing us the error.

 Disable rest mode: the list of solutions to know How to fix PS5 turns off by itself continues, sometimes having this mode activated can cause a sudden shutdown and to avoid it we must:

  • Open the configuration menu of the PS5 and navigate to Energy saving.
  • Next, we select sleep mode and click Don't put to sleep.


 Rebuild the console database: this is another fix that we have and to execute it we must:


  •  Placing the console in safe mode implies holding down the power button and waiting until you hear two beeps.
  • We proceed to connect the controller to our console via USB and press the PS5 button on our controller.
  • Once the Safe Mode menu appears, select option 5 Clear cache and rebuild the database.
  • We proceed to select Rebuild database, this will scan the disk and create a database with the contents of the system, here we will not lose anything.


 Now that you know how to fix PS5 turns off by itself, you can apply any of these solutions detailed here and thus continue to take advantage of this console, try it.

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