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We welcome you to our PS5 guide where we will talk about How to fix Won’t Turn On.

What to know about PS5?

Sometimes it may appear that our console has stopped turning on, which may be due to multiple problems, among which stand out the power supply, software, HDMI cables and more, so to understand How to solve our console does not turn on we have to consider details to be presented in this guide below.

What are the reasons for Won’t Turn On the PS5?

One of the reasons may be in overheating, that there is not the necessary air flow, obstruction in the vents and more, so it is appropriate that the space where we have the console can flow the air easily, also among the reasons for This problem is the operating system can cause a slowness to turn on the console, which occurs when having an external storage device connected, even searching for the startup in safe mode may still not turn on for these reasons, so to solve How to fix Won’t Turn On we will have the following details.
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    How to fix Won’t Turn On PS5?

    Looking to see How to solve it does not turn on in PS5 we will be able to have a series of solutions, which are the following:


    •  The first: to manually perform a restart of our console once it has been updated, which puts us in the restart mode, for this we have to hold down the power button on our PS5 for at least 15 seconds, which it will do a reboot that we will notice by a message on our warning screen.
    • The second: as for how to solve it, it does not turn on, we have to insert a hard disk into our console, it can turn on automatically, so for this we connect the power cable to the console and insert the hard disk slowly until we see it turn on. Automatically, then we take it out and see if we have solved this problem.
    • The third: connect the power cable to the PS5 again, which will cause a reboot of the console to eliminate the corruption, thus managing to see How to solve it does not turn on and for this we first remove it from the power, we wait at least 30 seconds to plug it back in, press the power button and see if it has worked, it is important that we verify that the cable is not the problem.
    • The fourth: taking all the power out of our PS5 can help us see How to fix Won’t Turn On and this will also bring with it the need to make the settings before it starts, so we will keep the power button pressed for at least 10 seconds to The LED light turns off and then we remove the power behind the console, which leads us to wait 20 seconds before connecting everything again and try to start the console to see if this problem is solved.
    • The fifth: as for How to solve it does not turn on, it is necessary that we be sure of our HDMI cables, so it is ideal that these be changed, because the IEC C7 power cables are the same and this may be related to a hardware failure of the PS5, then we remove them behind our television and the console, we can interchange the ends to see what happens, then we connect it that way.
    • The sixth: one of the possible solutions to see How to solve it does not turn on is to do a restart in safe mode, which consists of turning off the console with the power button on the front panel and this button we keep pressed until listening a second beep, which will start the console in safe mode, the next thing is to connect the remote and press the PS5 to pair with the console, then we choose to restart the console in safe mode and we will see what happens in our PS5.
    • The seventh: when we have exhausted all the options regarding How to solve it, it does not turn on, we can choose to initialize our PS5, which will lead to the restoration to the default values ​​that the console had, it is important that to store our data we use an external USB that has a large capacity and is in FAT formatted, after that we will make the connection of this in our console, we go to the configuration and choose the system to perform the backup and restore, we choose the data to give in next, here we have to put name the backup and then choose backup, with X it starts the backup of our data and when this process is completed we will finally remove the USB drive, the next thing we will do is enter the console configuration to do the initialization, being necessary to choose to initialize PS5 and make it complete, it should be noted that we cannot turn off the console during this process because it will be affected with great damages that cannot be recovered.

     In conclusion, knowing how to fix Won’t Turn On is of great importance in order to return to proper functioning of our PS5.

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