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With our PS5 guide you will learn more about How to fix PS5 no sound.

What to know about the PS5 without sound?

It is a problem that occurs suddenly, it affects us all equally, when playing any game our console in no way emits the usual sound, suddenly becoming silent, it is somewhat annoying and that is why the sound is so important we seek to know how to fix PS5 without sound and for this we have the support of the content of this guide that will be presented below, let's see it.

How to fix PS5 no sound?

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    What we must do first in terms of How to fix PS5 no sound is to apply the basics, this being press the mute button on the controller, it may be that we have pressed it, check the volume of the television, restart the console and the television, turn them both off to remove it from the running and connect again, connect the controller to the console to avoid the use of Bluetooth that can be interference in some cases, if nothing is reached there is more to use.

    The next thing we can apply looking to solve How to fix PS5 no sound is to connect the console directly to the HDMI port of the TV, removing anything else that we have connected, it is important that we do it in the correct input, we can change the HDMI cable because can be seen failing and therefore the cause of the problem, a change of port can also be appropriate, even these can fail from one moment to another, another option is a problem with the headphones of our console, because we will not be using the audio of the television, in case of not achieving anything, we will have to contact PlayStation support to receive assistance that can help us with the problem.

     In this way we finish our PS5 guide, now you know how to fix PS5 without sound, it only remains to do it to try to return our console to normal.

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