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This time we return with a PS5 guide, aiming to explain how to fix the error code CE-108862-5.

What to know about error code CE-108862-5 in PS5?

This is an error that is related to the server, this occurs when we try to establish a connection with the PlayStation network, at that moment a message is displayed that shows us the error, it can also occur with some games that have new features, So to understand How to fix the error code CE-108862-5 we can rely on this guide and its content that comes next, let's see.

How to fix error code CE-108862-5 in PS5?

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    A number of solutions will be presented as to How to Fix Error Code CE-108862-5 in PS5 and these are as follows:


    •  First: it is possible that the PlayStation network is down, so we will check our internet previously, if it is correct it is possible that the PS5N servers are the cause, it may be under maintenance, so to check it we have to go to the Service status page, we look for system software updates and once it loads it will mean that everything is fine, but otherwise we must take into account the solutions that come later.
    • Second: it is possible that this error code is present in our PS5 due to the distance that exists with the router, so the signal becomes very weak from our Wi-Fi, now when looking close there may be a signal with greater intensity In order for the connection to be stable, in this case it is possible to require a new router that has a higher signal or use the internet by cable.
    • Third: it is possible in terms of How to repair the error code CE-108862-5 that a reboot in safe mode is required, highlighting the loss of any of our data from the console, which we will do when turning it off with the button of power on that is on the front panel, then we hold down the same button until we hear a second beep, which will make us start safe mode, what we will do is connect the USB control and we will restart in safe mode to see if we have finished with the error.
    • Fourth: it is possible that the DNS servers are failing, for it it is necessary that we make a change in this configuration, for this we enter configuration, then network and configuration, then configure the internet connection, here we locate the network we use, We give it in advanced configuration, in the DNS one, manual to put in the primary configuration and secondary, which allows using Google's DNS, we press accept so that the changes are saved, finally We restart the console and see if the error persists or not.
    • Fifth: if we have not reached anything with the previous options, we can only contact the support service, because this error may be related to a problem in our console and it may be solved by technical support.


    We hope that the information detailed here on How to fix error code CE-108862-5, has been useful to return your PS5 to normality.

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