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In this PS5 guide, we've prepared everything you need to know about how to troubleshoot An unidentified error occurred.

What is the unidentified error problem in PS5?

This is an error that seems to occur when owners of the new generation of Sony consoles buy something from the PS5 Store. And is that since the new generation of Sony came on the market, it has had so many errors to make a novel, but luckily this error can be corrected easily. So keep reading, because we're going to tell you how to fix an unidentified error occurred.

How to Fix An unidentified error occurred in PS5?

The first thing you have to know is that the cause of this problem has not been defined, but it could be a problem on the PlayStation Store servers.
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    One of the options you have if you want to correct the problem is to wait a few minutes and try again, try several times, who removes, and hopefully you will be able to correct it.

    But if you don't correct it in the previous way, use a different payment method, this particular method has been the one that has worked for us and the one that seems to be really solving the problem.

    PlayStation's representatives suggest checking the following points regarding the problem:

    Make sure the region of your account matches the region of the payment method you are using.

    Another option is to use a different credit card if this is your payment method.

    You could also load funds into your wallet and test if this fixes the problem.

    Again, keeping trying might correct the problem, so we recommend a little patience and keep trying.

    For now, that's all there is to how to fix An unidentified error occurred in PS5, it should be enough to try several times, but if after several attempts you do not achieve anything, we recommend continuing with the other solutions until you find the correct one for you.

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