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We welcome you to our PS5 guide where we will talk about How to fix the USB drive file system is not supported error.

What to know about the error USB drive file system is not supported in PS5?

This occurs when we connect a USB to our console, displaying a message that indicates non-compatibility, this may be due to the file format that the USB or external hard drive has that is different from the one supported by the console, then we can rely on a computer To reach the correct format, now to have an idea with more details about How to fix the error The file system of the USB drive is not compatible, we will be able to have the following content, let's see.

How to fix USB drive file system is not supported error in PS5?

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    It is important that the format of the USB drive has the exFAT or FAT32 format, taking into account that the other formats will not be compatible with the PS5, the one indicated for our PS5 is the exFAT, because in the case of the FAT 32 there are some restrictions in regarding the size of the files, by means of a PC we can do it easily, so looking for How to fix the error The file system of the USB drive is not compatible, we must follow some instructions to find the format we need.

    What we will do is connect the device to our computer and go to the file exploration, where it is presented on the screen on the left noting the connected USB, these usually carry labels such as the main unit that is displayed as C and D, while The connected USB looks like F, it is important to choose the correct one to click with the mouse on it and choose to format, then some details are presented that we can modify, being only necessary to place exFAT and mark the quick format box to start the process, which depends on the capacity of our USB, after it is completed we have our USB ready that will now be compatible with our console, and we can use it just by connecting it.

    Knowing how to fix the error The file system of the USB drive is not compatible is interesting, because we can use more space in our PS5.

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