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2019-09-02 16:48:50

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 In this guide of Pokémon Masters, our intention is to help you, this time we will tell you how to earn gems, essential to obtain pairs of synchronizations in this game.

 The safest thing is that in Pokémon Masters, you are looking for pairs of synchronizations, trainers and much more to have better possibilities in your battles, it is essential to use Poryphone if you want to explore synchronizations, so you must have gems available. But don't worry, you've come to the right place here, we'll tell you how to earn gems in the game.

 How to earn gems in Pokémon Masters

 Fortunately it is easy to obtain gems in Pokémon Masters, but something difficult to accumulate. We will tell you how you will win them: every time you win a battle mission in its history you will get 30 gems as a reward, on the other hand you will earn 10 gems if you manage to complete a couple of synchronizations supported by stories. If you start your daily section, you have the chance to earn special gem bonuses, an important fact, you can earn between 50 to 100 gems just by starting a section every day.

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 Why it is important to win gems in Pokémon Masters

 The main importance for which you should know how to win gems in this game is because you need them to be able to investigate new pairs of synchronizations, imagine each exploration requires an investment of 300 gems. There are two options to obtain gems, these are paid and not paid. You can get paid by buying them with real money and cancel one hundred in a Sync Pair scan.

 That's all, thanks for choosing us, we hope our Pokémon Masters guide has been useful, you know how to earn gems, in this game. Remember that you get them playing and with real money.

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